Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Day trip to Villach and Kleigenfurt, Austria

Christmas In Italy

B clinging onto a present in her new sweater Santa brought

Presents everywhere

A showing off his new 3-D puzzle from Santa

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Salzburg Christmas Market


Apparently this was in the Sound of Music

Sorry ladies, had to post it-my friends eating chocolate covered bananas and strawberries.

Market area

In November I went to the Christmas market in Salzburg, Austria.  I had been there 2 years ago but went again this year with a group of friends.  Every year there are Christmas markets all over Europe.  You go and shop for Christmas decorations and gifts.  There is yummy food to eat and hot wine and cider (spiked or nonspiked) to drink while you shop.  I have to admit I think the hot wine is my favorite part! ha ha  We had a great time shopping, talking, eating, drinking, and being merry!  Then we got on the bus and headed back home.  It is about 4-5 hours one way.

Happy Thanksgiving

We had a small but very nice Thanksgiving day.  Jeff grilled the turkey (and it is TO DIE for) and I made the sides as well as did our friends that came over for dinner.  The kids played outside and then we had a delicious dinner.  Afterwards the kids played and the adults played a fun card game.  It was nice to be able to share it with good friends. 

Bag Ladies

Jeff made these "dresses" for the girls out of packing paper.  He also got creative and made shoelace belts.  He is quite the designer!  He wanted me to tell people  that we were out of clean clothes since they were potty training.


I couldn't resist putting this one on.  The girls (with their friend) were playing dress up and I had A pose with the beautiful girls and apparently he wasn't so happy about that...

Ballerina Drop Outs

Some of you know we had this brilliant idea to put the girls in Tiny Tots ballet.  I was convinced they would LOVE it-I mean what little girls don't?  Well, apparently mine...They almost made it through the first class.  However the second one we didn't really last at all.  So while all the other little girls were happily dancing and all the moms were watching with smiles, I had to wrangle my girls into their coats and leave early since they refused to stay in the room and participate.  So it was decided that we are not ready for activities like that yet.  Maybe next time...ha ha ha

The Birthday Boy

We did a bowling party for A's birthday.  The kids got to bowl and have lunch and eat lots of cake!  Everyone had a blast!!! Happy 6th birthday! 

Happy Birthday Girls!!!

B going down the slide

Some of the party goes running off their cake

Present time

The birthday girls!  3 YEARS OLD!!!!

Trunk or Treat

Aiden as Indiana Jones "fighting" his buddy (you can see our little "princesses" running in the background)

The kids with their friend

The line we stand in for this thing!

Every year the base puts on what is called Trunk or Treat, at Halloween.  You go and different agencies have trunks of cars all decorated and give out candy.  The really fun part is that it starts at like 6pm and in order to get through the line somewhat quickly (in less than 2 hours) you have to go get in line at like 4:30!  So all the kids run around and play while the adults hold the spots in line and make a dinner run to the near by food court.  It is total insanity, but we do it every year!

Dress Up

Jeff is going to kill me for posting this!!!He is such a good sport though!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sesame Street Live USO Tour

Took the girls to Sesame Street Live this morning!  They were SO excited!  We were in the front row and the girls were like little groupies-they kept going up to the stage and getting hugs from all the characters!  Chloe managed to touch all of them-Brinlee wasn't as outgoing about it.  It was so much fun watching their little eyes light up with excitement!! Aiden got to watch it too at the same time, but he was with his class.  I didn't even get to catch a glimpse of him.  I am sure he loved it too though.....

Monday, September 21, 2009

Firenze (or Florence as us Americans call it)

I finally made it to Florence when my Aunt Deb and Uncle Phil came to visit us.  We spent 2 nights there, with one full day of sightseeing.  We visited the Uffizi Gallery (famous for paintings and sculptures), Michaelangelo's David and the Accademia museam, the Duomo (Cathedral), and other churches and beautiful things.  We had fabulous food (my favorite so far) and quenching Chianti wine.  The Tuscany region is famous for that kind of wine.  I look forward to going again, in the off season this time.  I am a little tired of being a tourist!!