Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Monumental tomb dating back to the I century A.D.
Remains of a once magnificent piazza. 
Remains of a column top

Remains of the ancient port, once surrounded by a large river.
Bell tower at the Basilica
WWI Cemetary
Statue in Cemetary of an Angel holding a fallen soldier-it was breathtaking
Sample of mosaic floor in the archeological excavation
Paintings on wall in the crypt

We recently visited the ancient Roman Port city of Aquileia with Aunt Marsha and Uncle Bernie.  It is only about 1 hour away from us.  It was a very chilly and windy day but we managed to walk through some old ruins, the Basilica (church), and see one of the only preserved WWI cemeteries dedicated to the fallen Italian soldiers.  It was breathtaking.  The Basilica is famous for having one of the most intricate mosaic floors in the world.  Also in the Basilica we visited a crypt with relics of Saints, as well as an archeological dig of ancient parts of the church.  Afterwards we had a delicious pizza lunch, then back home.  I hope to visit there again when it is a bit warmer so we can stop and read the informational signs instead of hiding in our hoods and walking as fast as possible. 

Paper Crusaders

Ok, Jeff will kill me for telling this, but he made these outfits for the kids out of paper and duct tape.  He has some amazing skills with making clothes out of paper!  Anytime we have extra paper like this, he makes the girls dresses, etc.  The kids had a blast fighting each other with their swords.  The girls accessorized with jewels and crowns.  A was well protected with his "helmet". 

Making Cookies with Aunt Marsha

Aunt Marsha, A, B, and C
The finished product (A, C, B)


Getting his new stripe
We got to punch him in the arm where the new stripe goes

J recently got to put on his new rank and we are very proud of him and excited!  A and I got to go to the official ceremony.  (the girls were home taking a nap with our friend).  Part of the tradition is punching the promotees in the arm.  A and I were all too willing to do that! ha ha  Afterwards we had cake at J's work.  We will be having a party the end of this month to celebrate with our friends. 


The girls are on the left end, stretching.
The girls started gymnastics a few months ago.  They go once a week and LOVE it!  I think it is for sure more up their alley than ballet was!  They get to jump, tumble, stretch, and learn new moves.  We don't get to go inside to watch them (they will be very distracted) so the pictures are from far away but wanted to share. 

Predjama Castle In Slovenia

Castle built into the mountain side
Kids posing with cannon balls
View of town from castle window
Crossing the drawbridge
Castle entrance below, by the cave system

We visited the Predjama Castle in Slovenia in February.  It is literally built into the mountain side, with cave systems running under and throughout it.  The first castle on these grounds is thought to have been built in the 12th century.  It was built primarily as a fortress.  We were able to walk through some of it and see the living quarters, torture chamber, and various relics.  In the summertime people can visit the caves below the castle where secret entrances once were.  The kids LOVED it although C was very afraid of the torutre chamber and was convinced there were monsters in the castle.