Monday, September 21, 2009

Firenze (or Florence as us Americans call it)

I finally made it to Florence when my Aunt Deb and Uncle Phil came to visit us.  We spent 2 nights there, with one full day of sightseeing.  We visited the Uffizi Gallery (famous for paintings and sculptures), Michaelangelo's David and the Accademia museam, the Duomo (Cathedral), and other churches and beautiful things.  We had fabulous food (my favorite so far) and quenching Chianti wine.  The Tuscany region is famous for that kind of wine.  I look forward to going again, in the off season this time.  I am a little tired of being a tourist!!

Soccer Star

Aiden had his first soccer game earlier this month.  He had his fan club all there!  Chloe is in the blue, Brinlee is under the bleachers.  They love watching him play!  Aiden seems to like soccer although he really had no idea (and neither do we) how to play. 

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Practice-notice his basketball T-shirt? His coach made a joke about him wearing his basketball shirt to soccer. We are learning slowly about this sport...
More Practice...

Chloe thinks she is a soccer star...

Brinlee down for the count...

Aiden's new soccer clothes to practice in from a local italian store. I decided it would be better for him to look the part even if we have no idea how to play!


Definition of sister: Someone you can trust with your secrets; who will stand by you no matter what; who always loves and accepts you.

Homework on the first day!

His luxurious school bus

Lignano Beach

On the way home....

Lignano Beach

We went to Lignano Beach, which is just about 45 minutes from us, depending on the traffic. The kids had a blast! We couldn't get the girls out of the water-they are total water babies. Aiden got to bring a friend a long and the boys had fun shell hunting and trying to let the waves knock them down!