Friday, October 22, 2010

GERMANY May 2010

 Chloe and Brinlee
 Aunt Julie and Uncle Randy

 Outside our hotel back door.  And Yes, we bought these for them, like idiots.
 Edelweiss Lodge
We went to Edelwiess Lodge (a military resort) in Germany in May when Uncle Randy and Aunt Julie were here.  It was SO nice and SO much fun!  We toured a local palace and ate yummy food at the hotel.  It was so nice and relaxing.  The kids loved the pool and staying at the hotel.  We will go back at spring break in 2011.  Can't wait! 

Castello di Duino in Trieste, Italy

Duck Duck Goose

 The crazy goose

There is another post earlier in my blog about the fish pond where the water is turquoise blue and contains huge trout and a statue of Madonna at the bottom of the pool-the town is named Gorgazzo (I hope I have the spelling right but I don't think I do).  This is another visit to the same place when Randy and Julie were here in May.  There was this crazy goose there that was being awfully protective of the flower pot-we are guessing she had eggs in there.  It took a liking (or more like hating) to me and chased me around until I lost my flip flop-Jeff thought that was awfully funny.  He was hoping the goose was going to take my shoe, but luckily, I prevailed.  It was one momma goose against another!

Ca Bruzzo May 2010

My Aunt and Uncle
The Bruzzo home where we wined and dined!

I got together our closest friends while my aunt and uncle were visiting us in May and we drove to Ca Bruzzo Winery, which is about 2.5 hours from us.  It is my most favorite place to go and enjoy organic, delicious wine as well as amazing food!  We are served many many courses as well as have their wine paired with each course.  It always gets a little wild with our bunch and is always SO much fun! Jeff teases me that I am the president of the Ca Bruzzo fan club because I love it, and the family, so much! It will be one of my most missed places when we move in a year.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Jeff's Oktoberfest Trip

 Jeff's friend

 Drunk Jeff
 Jeff brought home the kids cookie necklaces from this place.  Could have killed him, but they loved them....
Riding on the "slide" down into the mine

 The mine borders Austria and Germany