Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What's up doc?

For anyone in my family that attended my grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary in July of 2003-this may remind you of something... Possibly A's father? It involved similar teeth. Think really hard... You may need to break out you VHS tape of the party and watch it to remember...And now that you are done laughing, (sorry for those of you who are not aware of the joke), A has acquired a set of "Billy Bob" teeth of his own and wore them for about 3 days straight. He even got his little girl-friend (not girlfriend, girl-friend, get it?!?) involved. J had found his old set (anniversary party 2003) so A has 2 sets now. A mother's dream, let me tell ya.

Hamilton's on wheels!

Brinlee got her cute little car for Easter and even though she looks pitiful, she loves it and can cruise all over the house.

And as you can see, Chloe has no problem getting around and has a blast like always, thinking she's funny leaving Brinlee in the dust.

Aiden has graduated to a big boy bike!! We gave him this bike (it has Transformers on it) for his birthday and now that the weather is a little nice, he is a riding maniac! He is barely using his training wheels as they are set really high and he can turn some crazy tight circles that make me hold my breath and look the other way!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Spaghetti incident

Yeah I have learned how to post pictures!

Here is typical dinner at the Hamilton household when spaghetti noodles are involved. The girls ALWAYS put noodles on their heads and then of course Aiden has to participate too. And don't ask me why his toes are on his nose or how he got them there. He is a boy of many talents! :)
(And by the way, Brinlee is in the green and Chloe is in the peach color)

Monday, March 10, 2008

Piancavallo and miscellaneous adventures

I will start off this entry with our fun filled day excursion to Piancavallo ski area. I have been hounding my husband to drive us up there for a looooong time and I think he had been putting it off bec of tales he heard about how narrow, windy, and dangerous the road is. But I FINALLY got him to take us there. It was an overcast day so we should have waited to go until it was clear so we could sight see more, but off we went anyway. In our neck of the woods, it has been a little rainy and cloudy but some days quite warm. However at Piancavallo there is still TONS of snow and I couldn't wait to get there to let A. play in it. This past winter it only snowed for a few hours one evening and it melted right away and he really has been wanting to play in the freezing white stuff and make a snowman and throw snow balls. Boys will be boys after all.

The road up the mountains was quite narrow and windy and the fog was as thick as clam chowder but we made it after about a half an hour. The highlight of the trip up was a car in the oncoming traffic passing people and we didn't see him until a few moments before he swerved back into his lane. I shouldn't be surprised but I was a bit. Let's just say that this road is just a teensy bit bigger than our car.

We got up there and could not even see a ski lodge or any of the buildings bec of the clam chowder fog but we were able to find a perfect spot for out goal of playing in the snow. We pulled off into an empty parking lot, bundled the kids up, and tramped around in the middle of the lot that had the plowed up snow in it, which in some areas was up to my thighs. (I sunk many many times). Thankfully the kids were able to stay on top of the snow for the most part and had a blast. The girls have never seen snow so that was fun to see their reactions. C kept crawling backwards (not sure what that was all about). Both seemed to really enjoy it even though they were soaking wet and of course A was having the time of his life! He made snow angels, huge snowballs (which were mostly directed at me), and jumped and ran and laughed. It was so fun to watch his excitement.
We manged to stay for about 45 minutes I think and then everyone was wet and cold. After a quick clothes change in the car for the kids, we headed back down the mountain and called it a day. I can only imagine what the view must be like when it isn't foggy. I look forward to going back on a better day and taking some great pictures and video.

Other things in our life....
Well where oh where to begin. C now has a crib tent (yes they make such a thing and it is safe for anyone wondering) as she has mastered climbing out of her crib. A was never a climber and so this is all uncharted territory for us. We wondered how she was doing it bec she is so small but J caught her in the act and she just lifts her tiny little leg over the edge by the corner and slides down the side like a little fireman. J caught her walking around their room one day when she was supposed to be napping and she was having a great time getting little treasures for B.
Oh and she can also scale the dining room chair that has her feeding seat attached to it and sit herself in her seat. I was stressed at first but lately have realized what an asset it is bec now I just pull the chair out when it is time to eat and tell her to climb up. Saves some strain on me! :)

A. is doing well and driving us crazy with made up Italian words and phrases. He likes to say a bunch of crazy words that sound a bit Italian and then tell me to ask him what that means. And then when I do he says something crazy like "that means you have to turn the TV on mom". He is such a creative child.

We have been busy trying to get our house ready for company this spring and summer. I still have boxes we have yet to unpack but we are getting there. I pondered aloud to J one night about whether or not I would actually hang up all the pictures and mirrors that I have strewn about the house before we left here or not. I have them all where I want them, just not hung. We have concrete walls so it makes hanging things a challenge. And I should not be trusted with a screwdriver so it is up to J when they get hung I guess.

Well that is it for this entry I think. Nothing too exciting. I think every day is just crazy and hilarious for us but since it is always that way, I find myself forgetting about what happens and then I feel like I have nothing to say. Maybe I will start writing things done when they happen....