Tuesday, August 11, 2009

At the Races...

Aiden went to the races with the guys when we were in Idaho. He got an autographed t-shirt and posters and had a blast!

Oregon Coast-Bandon

We took the kids to the coast in Bandon for a day. It was insanely windy and chilly but still fun! We had to hold on to the kids, especially the girls, so they wouldn't blow over-seriously! Aiden was a trooper and tried to scrounge for sea shells. He really wanted to find a star fish (aka sea star according to him), and we did find live ones but he was upset that we didn't find a shell. So we ended up cheating and buying one at the store. He was just as happy.
After blowing around on the beach, we went and had a nice lunch with the kids, did a little shopping, and then drove back to grandma's house. All in all, it was a nice day and a special treat for us to do something as a family.

Gone Fishin

While in Oregon Aiden got to go fishing with Jeff, Aunt Marsha, and Uncle Randy. He had a GREAT time and brought home lots of fish to fry.

Over the River and Through the Woods (and across the ocean) to Grandmother's House We Go...

Aiden and Chloe playing "holey board"

Cousin Emilee playing ring around the rosie

Aiden giving his cousin Tyler instructions

Chloe and her cousin Scarlett

Checking out the cows

We started off our summer vacation in Oregon at Grandma Rice's house. The kids had a blast running around, riding tractors and lawnmowers and four wheelers, harassing the cows, dog, and cats, and playing with everyone! Oh and don't forget the delicious food we got to eat!

We stayed there for almost 2 weeks and were very sad to say goodbye!